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About Us

What is HBCU Con?

HBCU Con is a community celebrating and bridging the gap between Historically-Black Colleges/Universities and Black geeks-at-large. Through this unique lens, we bring you the #BlackGeekHomecoming experience.

The HBCU experience has played a vital role in shaping who we are as nerds, and continues to serve as a hub to black nerds around the world. This unique lifestyle is rooted in the African diaspora’s contributions to academia and culture, from its adjacent organizations to its pioneering nerds of the community. HBCUs were among the first institutionalized safe spaces for Black nerds in the Americas. We believe all people of color deserve the affirmation, comfort, and empowerment that comes with the HBCU experience. HBCU Con seeks to highlight the context and vitality of these spaces via its special events, programs, and campaigns.

Our Story

What’s it like going to an HBCU?

During our undergraduate days at Bowie State University, several of our board members became close friends while living together in Alex Haley Hall. The dorm rooms are compartmentalized into suites; each including 4 dorm rooms and a common bathroom. With most of us having lived in the 200 suite, it became a home away from home for us nerds. We talked about everything from politics to our favorite fandoms, played video games, studied, and more. Above all, we could always count on each other to love one another just as we were. The Suite 200 was our ultimate haven of self-expression. 

HBCU Con wants to bring, “The Suite 200 Experience”, to our con-goers on a grand scale.  While the convention will not be in BSU’s “Alex Haley Hall”, it is our mission to create an experience that ushers in the emotions of the HBCU student. Our convention will consist of panels, special performances, a fashion show, cosplay and art contests, seminars, workshops, and giveaways. HBCU Con is going to be your Suite 200. It will be that home away from home for us nerds and HBCU grads to reminisce and revel in.

We Offer An Exclusive HBCU Experience

HBCU Con’s goal is to bring HBCU experiences to the masses. We believe that everyone should know and feel what it is like to attend an HBCU from an alumni’s experience. So come join us as we bring forth the aspects of the HBCU Experience which helped us matriculate through our years at an HBCU.


HBCU Con is a place where you can meet up with your friends and reminisce about your college days.


We will have an assortment of affordable foods readily available for you to satisfy that grumbling stomach. No need to have those 10 cent ramen packs. We got your back!


In our Bookstore, you will meet vendors who have different products and items for sale. From comic books, to toys and figures, or even clothing, jewelry, and trinkets. The HBCU Con bookstore vendors will cater to your interests.

The Center

Remember those days in the student center. HBCU Con will have seminars, panels and workshops to inform you on life’s necessities.

The Zone

It’s been a long day in class. You’re bored and a bit overwhelmed from the day’s studies… Why not stop through the HBCU Con game room.

The Yard

What is an HBCU without the yard? Hmmmph, nothing. The Yard was where you’d see fraternities and sororities stepping… You might just catch a party, with a DJ spinning. 


You know that period of time where you are done with classes. Not trying to do any studying or homework. You’re just back in the suite hanging out with suitemates and the select group of people allowed in your space.