Black Excellence in Star Trek Legacy!

I will show a presentation highlighting a few of my favorite Black stars in the star trek world who have brought me inspiration! I’ll share how this shaped my identity and inspired me to form my organization Starbase Centaur 4210 Productions, where Using the mantra of star trek which is about celebrating diversity, we create events for the fandom/ cosplay community where we showcase local creators, filmmakers, entertainers, cosplayers, and we are heavily involved in charity. We foster a safe space where geeks of all nationalities and identities can network and share experiences, and support each others’ projects and creative works! My newest group the USS Gerard Holder, named after a dear friend and awesome Brother who passed from covid, has done several charity activities and has participated in many BLM events/ and community necessity drives in New York.


Apr 17 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm