What is HBCU Con?

HBCU Con is a community celebrating and bridging the gap between Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Black geeks-at-large. Through this unique lens, we bring you the #BlackGeekHomecoming experience. We are committed to showcasing the brilliance of HBCUs and their students, as well as providing a platform for black geeks of all walks of life to come together and connect. We want to show the world that HBCUs are more than just institutions of higher learning but also places where some of the best Black geeks are being cultivated.

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WE HAVE Exciting Events & Guests

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Our Core Values

Art | Culture | Scholarship | Integrity

Our core values are essential to how we function as an organization, including the selection process of organizations and individuals with whom we choose to partner. We take pride in creating spaces that welcome and affirm geeks of all genders, sexualities, fandoms, occupations, religions, and ages…while centering the experiences of black nerds on a global scale. Pan-Africanism, the practice of unity among African descendants around the world, is a critical value of HBCUs.

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